Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five Things You HAVE TO ask your Grandma

It has been 14 months since I've been "home" to Colorado.  I miss my family terribly, and am thilled to say that I've just booked my trip to see them again in April.  Yay!

I'm SO glad to have this trip booked since I feared that my next trip to Denver was going to be for a funeral.  I have several aging grandparents and whenever one of them calls, my heart skips a beat until I hear that there's no alarm in their voice.  (I guess this means I should call them more often!)

I lost my dad's mom the day before I was due with my first child. My last conversation with her was along the lines of childbirth advice, of which she was an expert having done it a whopping 9 times!  She's also the grandma that introduced me to sewing, and even though I hardly ever do it, I remember the basics that she taught me.

I'm lucky enough to still have one living grandma.  She's a wonderful cook and really enjoys video poker in Central City (the gambling town outside of Denver).  She's actually assembling for me a cookbook with all of her favorite recipes, and I'm so excited to see what it includes!

Based on a few converstions I've had with her, I would recommend (actually IMPLORE) you to ask your own grandma - memaw - nana - grandmother the following things:
  1. How to prepare your favorite meal that she makes.
  2. What her relationship was like with her grandma?  Mother?  Your parent?  Your grandfather?
  3. What has changed the most (about society, family, etc) since she was your age?
  4. What does she want you to always remember about her?
  5. Are there decisions she made in her life that she would have made differently, knowing what she knows now?
Hurry, you never know when she won't be there for you to ask.

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